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NEfirst are a thriving modern Credit Union providing ethical finance for our communities in the North East of England



Providing loans to Members is one of the main functions of NE First Credit Union. We encourage you to manage your money carefully by structuring loans around your needs and your ability to repay.

Competitive Interest rates
Regular Loans 
Child Benefit Loans 
Payroll Saver Loans 
Home Improvement Loans 
Post Grad Loans 
No hidden charges or fees 
Free Life Insurance *


Regular savings is a good idea and is recommended by NE First Credit Union. You might like to save for holidays, Christmas, Education or simply to put something by for that ‘Rainy Day’.

Adult savings accounts
Junior savings accounts (under 18)
Business/Group savings accounts
Payroll Saving accounts
Free Life Insurance *
Annual Dividends *

Other benefits

NEfirst Credit Union is a modern thriving credit union providing a range of ethical financial services to its members in communities across the North East of England.

Two accessible high Street branches
Over 100 Community Service Points
Mobile Banking App with 24/7 access to accounts (coming soon)
The money you save and the interest from loans stays within the community making everyone better off.

* – Terms and Conditions Apply.
We will also match any formal offer from another lender.

About Us

NEFirst Credit Union was formed by the merger of a number of smaller North East based Credit Unions who have been providing savings and loan accounts for their members for more than twenty years.

NEFirst Credit Union covers the whole of the North East, including County Durham, Northumberland and all of the boroughs that make up Tyne and Wear (Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, North Tyneside and South Tyneside). Anyone who lives or works in this area is eligible to join. The benefits of being a member of NEFirst include:

  • Access to straightforward and secure savings accounts;
  • The availability to members of loans at interest rates that are much lower than many loan providers (especially door stop lenders, pay-day loan companies and pawnbrokers);
  • Free life insurance on savings and loans.*
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Client Testimonials

Hear what our clients have said about our services

 “My husband and I both work at the Council and had never really been savers.  A few years ago the Credit Union were in the Civic Centre so I enquired about savings.   I spoke to my husband and we agreed to start saving £25 per month each but after a few months, we realised we weren’t really missing the money so we increased it to £50 each per month.  Now come every December we have £600 each to cover the costs of Christmas, and with 2 young kids, it’s a lifesaver!  There’s been the odd spanner in the works, like when our washing machine packed in.  Ordinarily, we’d have ended up taking credit, but as it happens we had more than enough in our savings to buy a new one outright.  That’s the beauty of saving really; the money is there when we need it.”

Kerry from Gateshead Council

My role as the Council’s Poverty Lead sees me as an obvious supporter of credit unions and the invaluable role they play within our communities. However, in a personal capacity I’m also an active member of NEFirst Credit Union and have been for around five years now. I save every month via salary deduction meaning the money is in my savings account before my salary hits my bank account. I just feel it’s a great way to put a little rainy day money aside without ever really missing it and it’s often a pleasant surprise to check the balance every now and then to see how much is in there. Over the past few years I’ve upped the amount I save to reflect what I’m saving for, as I’ve used the money for holidays, Christmas and a few other larger purchases without having to go looking for credit. I’d absolutely recommend membership to anyone!

Michael Walker

The credit union has done wonders for us all as we are now a family of savers! And even better – savers with an option of being able to borrow. A good choice for us all those years ago to join. Very much appreciate all of your efforts. Keep up the good work.

Jean from Stanley